We Stand Out because:

We ensure full confidentiality of your transactions

We develop innovative and cutting-edge services

We build healthy trades

We have flexibility and customer-oriented policy


The quality of our services and the service of our customers
is our main pursuit and also the background on which we
support our business ideas in order to create a company with
value for customers, employees and partners.


We create an environment of goals and objectives that is reflected
in the excellent customer service, the development of innovative
services, the creativity and excellent organizational structure.


For 26 years we support the healthy development of your business
in all phases of your trade cycle. We continue with the same quality
and consistency with international collaborations and the most
modern business information services for the management of credit
risk and the development of your work.


  • TRUST S.A. was established in 1991 to offer business information services which guarantee: Quality, Specialization, Security of the privacy of transactions, Flexibility and pioneering technology.
  • A major turning point in the company’s history was the year 2000 when it fully absorbed the staff and the customer base of the databank AROGI S.A. (trading as Runner S.A.).
  • The company has developed its own database (product of intellectual ownership patterns) with data of economic behaviour that are offered to the company’s members with complete responsibility of collection and processing accompanied by our long expertise in the subject.
  • The provision of financial and commercial information from TRUST S.A., the sources, the way of collection, the categories of data and in general the context in which the company is working is fully determined by the relevant laws and decisions of Hellenic Data Protection Authority.
  • The quality of services and data of TRUST S.A. has been certified with ISO 9001: 2008 since 2004 which is successfully renewed in annual audits.
  • TRUST S.A. constantly invests in new technologies in order to create increasingly flexible services that combines advanced features and ensure reliable transactions.
  • TRUST S.A. applies with guaranteed, reliable and fully automated processes credit assessment services for numerous applications relevant to companies and individuals in REAL ON LINE time, which are associated with Identification data services and customized scorecard.
  • Today TRUST S.A. has double buildings facilities (disaster recovery and business continuity centre) which ensure true uninterrupted continuation of its operations.