Immediate and accurate information


Maintaining business liquidity at a time of high volatility is the first concern
of business executives.


How is this achieved?
The prompt and accurate information is the key to protecting the business from
sales on credit provided.


TRUST, for the last 26 years, supports business executives in decision-making
for the development of their business in Greece and abroad.


Maintaining the most updated database of economic behaviour and activity data,
we respond On-Line and in real time, tens of thousands of questions supporting
decisions, procedures and credit operations and development policies on an
annual basis.


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Net Line

Are you concerned about the credit quality of new and existing customers?
The answer is just one click away.
TRUST provides you the functionality to have direct connection with the continuously enriched database and be informed about the creditworthiness of the potential or your existent customers on time REAL ON LINE.

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User Line

Skilled and experienced associates of the business information department of TRUST, inform you about your customer creditworthiness directly and reliably in order to expand your activities safely.

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Alert Services

Be notified of any differentiation of your customers’ creditworthiness.
Select the companies of interest, the duration and the frequency of monitoring.

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Trusting Web Services

Benefit from TRUST’s specialised know-how, innovative technology, and the flexibility this service offers.
This service covers the needs of businesses with a large number of queries daily and offers search results in just a fraction of a second.

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