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TRUST provides you the functionality to have direct connection with the continuously enriched database and be informed about the creditworthiness of the potential or your existent customers.


You are Informed about the total view of your customers (detailed statement of economic behavior data), in seconds response time.


The use of the application (web application that works on new versions of explorer) is simple and the interface is very user-friendly.


Access to the system requires personal codes, unique to each user so there is privacy and data security as well as full control from your company’s administrator.


The types of data you can access are as follows:



  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Bankruptcy Decisions
  • Consolidation Applications
  • Payment Orders
  • Restitution Orders of Use of Leased Property
  • Real Property Seizures
  • Moveable Property Seizures
  • Real Property Auctions
  • Moveable Property Auctions
  • Bounce Cheques
  • Protested Bills of Exchange and Notes Payable to Order